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“Recreation is big business for Idaho, and local economies are the benefactors,” Park Director Merrill told lawmakers. A state Commerce Department study found that state parks visitors contributed $40 million to the economy of rural Idaho, “in addition to sales taxes collected,” Merrill said. But, she said, “A state park’s value is more than just economic.” It’s “a quality of life,” she said.

  1. Farragut State Park is public property to be managed for the public good 

  2. The management guidelines for Parks are: enhance natural forests, recreation, history, science, scenery, and education, not commercial logging (See: Master Plan Guidelines)

  3. The Park is logging where their own “Natural Resources Plan” says don’t log  (See: Farragut Natural Resources Plan)

  4. Fish & Game plans to log old growth from the shoreline forest using recreation trails for haul roads

  5. The Park is cutting large trees to pay for cutting more trees
  6. The Park rules say preserve all trees over 12'', but they are cutting trees up to 36" (See:  IDP&R Board Policy Manual)

  7. Scenic roads and recreational trails throughout the park are being degraded by logging

  8. More wildlife species live in natural forests than logged forests

  9. Commercial logging machinery spreads weeds, disturbs and compacts the soil, killing native plants and ruining habitat

  10. Hundreds of large trees along scenic roadways have been cut

  11. Cutting 70% of the trees in the park dries out the forest making it more fire prone

  12. Other serious problems such as shoreline erosion are not being addressed