Friends of Farragut
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Outreach - Protest - Education

Sat. August 25th

9 A.M.

At the Main Entrance

to Farragut State Park

Stay tuned for more information.

Protest: Stand up for the Forest

Our float in the Bayview Parade took 1st Place. We didn’t know what to expect as some outspoken locals think logging the park is a good thing.

We received overwhelming support from the crowd. It was refreshing to hear that most people get it.

Everyone who participated had a fun and memorable experience. Stand up for the park. Contact us to learn how you can get involved with our ongoing work to stop Boise from abusing our (YOUR) park.

See: Plea of the Pileated

Outreach: Come Join the Fun!


Education: Just the Facts

What does Idaho law say about managing recreational forests?

What are “Park Values?”

How can you make a difference?