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Logging The Park

These machines have cut their way through hundreds of acres of the park with a devastating effect on habitat, native plants and recreation.

Because of their limited reach, skid trails now criss-cross Park forests, roads and trails (see below).

Scores of trees are left damaged with wounds left open to insects and disease.

Fragile soil, native plants and wildlife habitat is destroyed. The tilled soil explodes with weeds. Nothing grows in areas where the mulch is too deep.

Once the larger trees are removed, a bobcat with a mulcher tills everything into the forest floor.

These openings will reseed and like the Northern forest that was thinned 20 years ago. Dog-hair fir will create an impassable fire hazard

This is Pre-Commercial Thinning, tree farming and clearly in violation of Idaho Code, the Farragut Natural Resources Plan, Park Master Plan Guidelines and Park Board of Directors rules.

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FARRAGUT PARK LOGGING FACT SHEETFarragut_State_Park_Fact_Sheet.html

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