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Park Manager To Log Entire Park!

According to this  pencil sketch plan provided by Park Manager, Randall Butt, every inch of the park owned by IDP&R is slated for “Resource Management”


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Click Here: To see where the Park has already been logged.Farragut_State_Park_Logging_Map.html
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FARRAGUT PARK LOGGING FACT SHEETFarragut_State_Park_Fact_Sheet.html

The “Farragut Natural Resources Plan” is the plan IDP&R is supposed to follow. It clearly states that commercial thinning of 70 to 100 + year old trees is not what to do in Farragut’s forests. All the green areas on the map are to be managed as follows. Natural openings in the forest canopy will be used to plant western white pine seedlings within the suitable habitat areas.”

The commercial style Tree Farming that IDP&R is practicing will forever alter the natural beauty of Farragut State Park.