Farragut’s Forest Friends
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Few parks in America equal Farragut State Park for diverse FOUR season recreation. All the more reason to Preserve, Protect & Enhance this

National Treasure.

Recreation in Farragut State Park relies on High Quality Natural Resources:

  1. Naturally beautiful forests

  2. Clean fresh water

  3. Abundant wildlife

  4. Scenic roads and trails

  5. Quiet and solitude

The Forests provide an accessible “get away from it all” experience for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

  Park News . . .

Click Here: To see where the Park has already been logged.Farragut_State_Park_Logging_Map.html
Click Here: The Solution: Follow Official Idaho State Park RulesFarragut_State_Park_Solution.html
FARRAGUT PARK LOGGING FACT SHEETFarragut_State_Park_Fact_Sheet.html
Farragut’s Amazing
Recreation Resources